Enspear Computer Solutions has over 25  years expertise in building, servicing, and repairing Laptops and Desktops of every variety. Our focus is honesty and character, to build a life-lasting relationship with our clients. Through our efforts of utmost integrity, we have become “THE” home of excellent service! Our technicians are highly trained and constantly receiving new education. Come experience customer appreciation, at a great price, from educated geeks.

Laptop Repair Las Vegas, NV

The techs at Enspear Computer Solutions Computer Repair Las Vegas have the skills it takes to repair any of your laptop issues. Whether it’s hardware or software base, give us a call and let us take a look and see how we can help. We have repaired thousands of Laptops from DC Jack replacements, to Screen Repair, Keyboard replacements, to even soldering USB jacks. Our Myriad of skills allow us to approach every situation with the knowledge we need and you want to succeed.

     We pride ourselves on our ability to place ourselves in our client’s shoes, to make an educated decision based off of price, repair and time. We know that our opinions matter to you. For Laptop Repair Las Vegas, visit or call Enspear Computer Solutions Computer Repair Las Vegas.

Call us Today for a Free Diagnostic Today. (702) 427-1457

Best Computer Repair Company in Las Vegas, Nevada

     If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable and dependable Computer Repair company, look no further! The team at Computer Repair Las Vegas has been serving Las Vegas Nevada for well over 2 years. When you call Computer Repair Las Vegas, you will always speak with a trained technician, not some paid secretary. Get your computer diagnosed right the first time. Ask us why so many Computer Repair shops charge different prices. Ask us where we were educated and look up our feedback on any online system. We are open books here and want you to understand the service you need, not just the service you want. The rumors are true, we are all born and raised right here in Nevada and have achieved the rank of Golden Falcon Lockheed Martin Scouts as well. Call someone you can trust, even if it’s just for a second opinion. Enspear Computer Solutions Las Vegas Computer Repair, Call now! (702) 427-1457!

computer repair las vegas


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