LeBron James, Superman, & The Social Worker

Its been days since LeBron James woke up from his nightmare game 4, the man of steel waking up from his coma crashing into a field weak from exposure to kryptonite and the missed calls, jail time the addict incurs stemming from a night off with the social workers significant other. You might be wondering what this is all about and listen I’ll tell you. LeBron James Hangover suffering a humiliating sweeping defeat by the hands of the Warriors. 1% attempting to destroy earths savior, addiction wreaking havoc increasing the difficulty of a social worker’s rate of success. But beware when this happens. Leader’s rise to the occasion learning and regrouping as AI does learning at an exponential pace so this isn’t ever repeated in the same way. Beating everyone at there own game and soon the only competitor left is itself/ourselves such is the case in these 3 guys and the world.

Lebron James and his triple doubles aren’t enough to push the rings home anymore. The Cleveland Cavaliers have become increasingly reliant on him to lead the team and force the win. & that’s true for either the Lakers or the Rockets or if he stays with the Cavalier’s whichever LebBon James chooses to sign with. Kevin Durant will fall in his shadow and begin to be co dependent as well as Lonzo Ball with the Lakers. When he doesn’t assist and position his team to win they don’t. This was the case in the recent series against the Warriors. He can’t be everyone and coach on the court just himself. That’s why he struggles in front of reporters from saying, “if this was my team they’d be dropping buckets like I do! They’d be hustling like I do, yeah were 5 guys on the court but we ain’t no team.” That would be too much bad publicity. Instead his minds eye is stuck in philosophical books asking what his direction in life is and purpose from Scientology to god & the man of steel. All the way to why he can’t he break his mold and prove once and for all he’s the greatest by averaging quatro doubles in games.

That green crystal on that blue planet plagues Superman and apparently LeBron James as well. Superman stays far away from his weakness and apparently so did LeBron not rising to the occasion , allowing the Golden State Warriors to sweep them in the finals at an alarming rate. As well as the social worker not answering to the beck n calls of his team of addicts. But why should you lose? Just because your team or society is weaker than you and is heavily reliant on the clutch trend setter holding the pace or in superman’s case the peace. All three nuclear deterrence’s but a meltdown isn’t an option except to take a short break on the bench, a sleep in on your home planet or simply spending time with your family. All that’s left is emotional responses from succeeding 99% of the time but can’t ever be 100%. Such as the case of an Ai computer challenging itself at rates of zero to omg nukes are in the shadows of such a devastating weapon. Elon Musk is in such a ethical and self-identifying debate with it as well what’s next for the gods greatest creations & Tesla 3? Perhaps the new world order, who knows? It’s not for me to say.

All that’s left is the loud music and celebrating. LeBron James at home, while Warriors fans Facebook living it up on his mind leaving one question. Do I stay or run to another team? The same question the Man of steel constantly has. Listening from a distance for situations to escalate while whispering into my ear co-authoring this article. But, such is the story for addicts broke or rich it infects everyone. This virus doesn’t discriminate except demands the weak to say yes to drugs should you remain abstinent and say no its rendered in-effective. For those lost souls, there’s hope. Life’s public servants are here to step in to their lives to lead them into the land of inspiration,ambition, and a better life. We the social workers (life coach’s, mentors, etc.) are in contact following up with everyday life’s struggling athletes every hour of the day tracking their calendar and making sure there productive and successful. Returning them to their professional team in whichever industry they prefer. It’s a job where you get paid in humility and it’s a huge ego boost to know you got a person on the right path once again. However, should social workers close down due to lack of financial support or drive than the addict is lost and has nowhere else to turn but back to the fast life. LeBron and the Lakers or Rockets to get more rings, and Superman leaving his home team and traveling elsewhere. All progress has been lost and we are worse off than if we ever started with that person or team in the first place. Because, it has taught them once again that there supports structure will always be in-consistent in conjunction with the thinking errors that comes along with it. The 3 then turn inwards strengthening their life and mindset then returning faster, stronger, superior in every way to their former self.

Chad Jimmerson @ Enspear Computer Solutions LLC once said, “the cure is in the cure,” Lebron James, Superman, and the social worker have the same in common they are consistently soul searching through their minds eye. There you will find the answer to all your questions. The New World Order! #LebronJames #ElonMusk #Superman #EnspearComputerSolutions

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